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Now Offering Video Therapy for Clients Located in North Carolina

We are accepting video therapy (telepsychology, telemental health, and e-therapy) for clients located in North Carolina.


We utilize a secure, HIPAA-compliant video communication platform that is fully  compatible with various browsers. Clients must have access to broadband internet connection, a webcam, and a Mac or PC to be eligible for video therapy. 

At this time, many insurance companies do not cover video therapy. Check with your insurance provider regarding coverage before scheduling an appointment. 

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Our Services

SweeneyPsych, PLLC opened in June of 2014 and provides psychological services to clients aged 13 and older.
At this time, we do not provide gender-affirming hormone referral letters or gender-affirming surgery referral letters
for anyone under the age of 16. 

At SweeneyPsych, PLLC we understand that it is natural for most people to experience challenges with depression, stress, or anxiety, especially during times of change and uncertainty. We provide an individualized approach that is couched within a cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal framework to empower clients to overcome challenges. 


Complete an assessment to help

us understand your needs and get

connected with your therapist.

Speak with your therapist to discuss your treatment plan and next steps.

Meet as frequently as needed to work towards your goals to help you move toward the life you deserve.

Gay Family

We Offer Convenient Day and
Evening Appointments 

Pursuing therapy with the goal of enhancing your life and

improving your connection to others takes courage. 

We are here to support you in this important undertaking.

 Ready to schedule an appointment? 

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